The Best Gifts For Your Girlfriend in Singapore

If you want to see a smile on your girlfriend’s face or want to propose then carry with you the best gifts available. However, a little bit of research needs to be done about her likes and dislikes to avoid giving her gifts that could spur a confrontation. Here are some of the best gifts you can give your girlfriend in Singapore.

Super car rental

Is your girlfriend a super cars enthusiast? Does she always wish to drive a certain Lamborghini or Audi even for a day? If she does, rent one for her and fulfill her wildest dream. Let her drive along the streets of Singapore as she feels the engine roar. Drive with her through the iconic buildings like Marina Bay Tower and their likes until her thirst has been quenched.



Almost all women love jewelry. If you decide to go this route, you cannot simply purchase the first piece of jewelry you see in Singapore jewelry store. You have to put thought into the gift and do some research to choose the right piece. You do not have to buy diamonds or gold just to impress her. Consider getting her a bracelet or a necklace that integrates her birthstone in a totally unique way. Birthstone pendants are often inexpensive and can be used to enhance the look of any outfit.

A pet

Girls get moody quite often and in such times, they go into solitude. During such times, they will need a companion and a pet, preferably a dog will give her the company she needs. Dogs are known to be loyal, and if there is one thing girls like very much, that would be a loyal friend.

iPad/ iPhone

If your girlfriend travels quite often, she will need a gadget to kill boredom while becoming productive at the same time. An iPad mini can be of invaluable help to her. Besides attending to her emails and other work related stuff, she can also cuddle up to watch a single movie before she retires to bed.


This is one of the latest gifts that are being sought out by many Singaporean couples. It is composed of a variety of beads that appear in designs that captivate ladies. They come in the form of Disney characters, castles, and bells. Grab some of the limited exclusive designs that occur during the promotional period and impress your girlfriend.

Cartoon portrait gift


Amongst the best gifts to give to your girlfriend in Singapore is a cartoon portrait gift is the best and arguably one of the perfect gifts you can give her. It stands out above all the other gifts and she will love to flaunt it around for her friends to see. The cartoon could either be her, the two of you, or something that she likes most. This rare and unique gift will hardly be forgotten even in her old age